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G.E.T.TheVision – What’s It All About?

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G.E.T.The Vision is a 60-75 year, or approximately 3-Hu-Generation Business Vision, first documented in 1986/88. The only edits were the change in how GET, the acronym itself, was defined. This name-change-only occurred 2 times between 1986 and 1999.

This business system extends in time out to approximately the year 2050. It’s temporal range is based on generations of human lifetime’s while it projects the evolution of technology innovation and market changes. In some cases G.E.T. demonstrates highly specific prescience, and even predates by 8-20 years (to date) a number of social and technological revolutions, with specific start-up documentation of now evident breakthrough technologies.

Only the future will tell if these prognostications, each defined as emergent business ventures, will continue.

G.E.T.TheVision – Global Evolutionary Technologies – The Vision

G.E.T.TheVision – an integrated matrix of 20 synergistic new business Visions-as-Ventures.

In essence G.E.T.TheVision is a meta businesss plan or a highly synergistic Plan-of-Plans. This matrix of plans involve 4 distinct categories: Content – Context – Connectivity – Capital (See image below).

To date more than 3 of the G.E.T. business visions have proven to be highly accurate prescient projections, including the anticipated revenue projections. That said, the total synergy of the system is where the real potential lies as a socially transformative system; as well as a systemic investment strategy over the long haul.

If you look at the bi-vortex (top-down/bottom-up) or chalice illustration you will see boxes growing out of boxes.  Each box is a business vision.  Each business vision has been represented as a full business plan or, at least, 3-5 page business proposal.  A number of these business visions have now emerged as incredibly successful business realities.  Some of these have even grow to be creators of industry. Various G.E.T. visions are patiently waiting for their “paradigm time” before emerging, e.g.

  1. The ArteFactory: https://getthevision.wordpress.com/2011/03/29/g-e-t-the-vision_the-artefactory/
  2. The Library-of-Masters
  3. LeCompany – The Learning-to-Evolve Company: http://letoonz.wordpress.com/

And, of course some of these propositions will never see the light of day in the marketplace as any form of prescience in complex systems is essentially an imperfect, yet highly intuitive, science.

The G.E.T. predicted enterprises that have now become successful market realities include:

SocNet and Synchronicity-Acceleration anticipated by 10-20 years

D.R.U.I.D.S.- Decentralized Universal Information Distribution Systems is now what we call Google and all Google-like search engine tech.  This vision preceded the marketplace by approximate 8 years.

People-to-People:  This is now what we call Facebook, et al and preceded the marketplace by 12-14 years.

SynchroNet: This business proposition preceded the marktplace by 20 years as it is only now emerging (2011) as a reality in the mobile-app space.

It should be stated that each of these 20 business Vision Concepts were projected to develop signficant revenues.  All are international businesses models and none projected to generate less than $1 Billion in gross revenues within 10-15 years of operation. They also operate within consumer and/or enterprise business demographics.

The 4C's of G.E.T.

The 4C’s of G.E.T.TheVision

G.E.T.2 The Vision … defined
Original Doc: 1986/88 // copyright 1986-2011 J. Brian Hennessy

“G.E.T.2The Vision  is about movement, and more specifically it is about the human movement seen in learning, human performance and by extension, human development.  But it is more than this.  Beyond learning and the current meaning of the term “human development”, GET is about evolving.

GET is all about the dance titled “the evolution of the uniqueness of individual humans”, and by natural extension, the evolution of uniquely individual systems-of-humans or communities and cultures. It is about the ultimate objective of the human mind as a system; about the human creative-production experience seen as a future socially systemic dynamic. In the end we all crave synergy.

 G.E.T.2The Vision  

…has two current meanings…

Global Evolutionary Technologies


Global Evolution Transformations

in 1986-1988 G.E.T. stood for “Global Educational Transformation” and between 1988-1990 it meant “Global Education Technologies.”

The fundmental purpose of G.E.T. and its synergistic matrix of business Visions and plans remains unchanged. The titling of the Vision itself has simply adjusted to the social and linguistic shifts of the marketplace.

G.E.T.2The Vision  presents to the world the next revolution in the relationship between human beings and technology going beyond anything we have seen so far in the nature of this relationship.  Heretofore technology has assisted us in doing those tasks and thinking behaviors we have already accomplished or done before computing technology existed.  The only distinction is that technology made these tasks easier and more efficient.

Technology, in effect, has allowed human beings to do what we already did but with the advance of “a folding of” time and space to do them. The current relationship makes one major and erroneous assumption.  It is this assumption that has held back the greatest transformations to come and the real purpose of technology.  That assumption is that what we have been doing, and that which technology has increased our efficiency to do is, in fact, what we are suppose to be doing, what we are meant to be doing.

This transformation will fundamentally change the human/tech relationship by building software that allows technology to provide the tools for us to not do what we have already been doing better and faster, but to begin to see, and then do, what we should be doing, what we are meant to be doing and what we are born to BE doing, and then help each of us, and us as connected and unique cultures and the world, do this faster and better.  To pro-evolve our YOUnique and naturally gifted significance and help us work at doing it faster and better.

The Future Human EcoSystem – The Human Singularity:

Note on G.E.T. Proposal and Business Plan Files History: Unfortunately most of the early G.E.T. documentation was originally stored on 4″ floppies (Apple II) and then Bernoulli 8″ drives (w/Macintosh+ as reader/input device, 20meg)… remember those! Those proposals and business plans that migrated to 3.5″ mac floppies have been retreived and newer versions (of the file format not the content) of those files in Word (orig WordPerfect) and Excel (orig Lotus123, and even some originally produced using a typewriter, e.g. for spread sheets) are being worked so they can be added to this post over time.

A few of the proposals and business plans with G.E.T. have been lost, the media they were on itself lost, but the memory of the author remains.  For those few that have been lost they will be recreated in the most accurate representation possible and based on memory. 

Nothing has changed in terms of the fundamental premise(s) of G.E.T. . This founding  hypothesis/arguement was, and still is, founded on the authors core focus, this focus involves the businesses of: LeCompany, The Artefactory and The Library-of-Masters.  In order for that triangle of content, social space, and overall innovation to come to market all the rest of the ventures proposed within G.E.T. were seen as natural… as prerequisites.  LeCompany, its analogue or a facets of it,  is set to unfold in the market by 2015 +/- 2yrs – http://letoonz.wordpress.com/ with its full manifestation, in all facets and revolutionary (and monetary) affect, to be alive and well in the marketplace by 2050.


G.E.T. The Vision_The Artefactory

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The “ArteFactory” as one of the 20 business concept falls into the “Context” category within the GET matrix of business Vision concepts and associated business plans.  This facet of G.E.T.TheVision was first defined in 1988.

The ArteFactory Entrance – Archectural Concept Illustration

(Note: FedExKinko’s on the right and Starbucks (or other espresso-centric cafe’ on the left) 

The Artefactory Entrance – Concept Illustration


G.E.T. The Vision – a Meta-Business Model & Vision represented through a Plan-of-Plans

The ArteFactory Vision and Concept can be found to the right and the first level above LeCompany: http://bit.ly/LeCompanyBlog and to the left of the “Library-of-Masters” Business Vision/Concept. The Library-of-Masters is a “Content” vs. Context category with G.E.T.

G.E.T. TheVision – Global Evolutionary Technologies, the Vision


ArteFactory Floor Plans & Function and Activity Descriptions


Basement Level:

Music Practice Rooms – Ensemble Practice Room – Open Air Music Performance Ensemble Space –  Conference Rooms – Classrooms + Facility Office, Storage and Mechanical Rooms. Note: Above the performance space is a large circular opening into the 1st Floor and from there, the rest of the complex. These connected open-spaces allow for the music being performed to carry throughout the complex, yet the volume is sensibly modulated by acoustically design wall features.

 The ArteFactory Floor Plan_Basement


1st Floor – Main Lobby



The ArteFactory Floor Plan_1st Floor


2nd Floor

Local Small Business  Offices –  Live Artist Booths – Small Restaurant –  Conference Rooms – Classrooms. Note: The center of the complex is open to all floors above and below as well as offering a open balcony experience looking down into the 1st Floor Foyer. 

 The ArteFactory Floor Plan_2nd Floor


Residential Living Spaces – the 3rd, 4th – any multiple of additional Floors

The original Artefactory business plan assumed a minumum of 5 floors total with floors 3, 4 and 5 dedicated to residential living spaces; either condominiums and/or leased rentals.


The ArteFactory Floor Plan_3rd Floor


 The ArteFactory Floor Plan_4th Floor